New partnership for SigmaRoc

Posted on: February 26th 2019    •    Posted in: General News

Partnership with Lindsay Corp for Production and Marketing of the Road Zipper System® Traffic Management Solution

Our parent company SigmaRoc plc has announced a new partnership with one of the leading global manufacturers and distributors of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, Lindsay Corporation, for the exclusive licensing of the EN-compliant Road Zipper System. Consisting of T-shaped moveable barriers that are connected to form a continuous wall, the Road Zipper System is used globally and accepted by many highways agencies, including Highways England.

Using a conveyor wheel system, the Road Zipper System combines safety standards of permanent concrete barriers with the flexibility of traffic cones. The Road Zipper System is used to re-position the barrier at up to ten km per hour, creating a moveable “zipper lane”. Permanent uses include iconic locations such as the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and Auckland Harbour Bridge for safe traffic management during peak hours. Temporary uses include construction management in the UK where the Sevenoaks bypass traffic delays were reduced significantly.

The Road Zipper System is a natural addition to the products offered by Sigma PPG company, Poundfield Precast Ltd, complementing its patented retaining walls and expertise in delivering high-performance projects with local barrier production. SigmaRoc expects to work with Highway Care Ltd and leverage its expertise in installation and maintenance of the Road Zipper System. Lindsay expects to continue to work with its valued partners at Highway Care, where both businesses are aligned and have mutually beneficial interests.

Our MD, Michael Roddy commented: “I am excited by the opportunity that the Road Zipper System brings to not only our business but also our customers as we continue to drive “Innovation in Concrete”. We are already in discussions with existing and potential new clients and see this as being a new approach for the UK in optimising national infrastructure and ensuring safety on roads for users and contractors alike”.

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