Roker Pier

Roker Pier: 3-D construction jigsaw puzzle solved by Poundfield Precast

Posted on: September 10th 2017    •    Posted in: Case Studies, Poundfield Precast

Poundfield Precast has successfully helped to solve a tricky building task at an iconic north-eastern landmark.

For over a hundred years, Roker Pier & Lighthouse has protected the entrance into the city of Sunderland’s harbour. As part of the Pier’s refurbishment, we were selected by Hall Construction Services Ltd to supply specially manufactured pieces for a new building at the entrance to the tunnel that provides safe access under the Pier to the lighthouse for visitors during bad weather.

According to Tim Evans, director of bespoke products at Poundfield Precast, “we were approached by Hall Construction Services Ltd towards the end of last year. Since then we have been working purposefully to convert the architects’ and engineers’ drawings into a factory construction issue format that would ensure the parts made all fitted together to complete the building.

“It was like a 3-D jigsaw and we had to be absolutely precise with our measurements down to the nearest millimetre. Once approved, we then only had three weeks in which to produce the parts and get them onto the Pier for installation. I’m pleased to say every piece fitted perfectly and the entrance to the tunnel is ready for glazing and cladding work to begin.”

Our design solution involved six different units in total: two pod sections, one roof section, two roof thickening beams and one end beam, which therefore involved four different and complex moulds being manufactured.

The project also required very careful coordination with our lifting and fixings supplier who were then able to calculate the correct measurements for removing the units from the delivery lorry and onto the Pier for installation.

In particular, the 9.5m roof slab required a special lifting frame to be manufactured, tested and certified ahead of delivery as this was the only means of lifting such a large unit.

Stephen Bromley from Hall Construction Services Ltd said he was “confident in Poundfield’s capabilities to produce such bespoke sections through experience of working together on other projects.”

Matt Moss, commercial director of Poundfield Precast, added “I’m very proud of our team, both in terms of the design and manufacture of such one-off and precise units, but also the way in which Tim liaised with both our clients and our suppliers to ensure that everything went smoothly and according to plan within very tight deadlines.

“This project shows once again how Poundfield’s focus on quality always ensures that the client receives the solution they want at the time required.”

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